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Clinic policy and procedures

Clinic Procedures

The following are the expectations of the Safety Procedures, provision of Therapeutic Services, Attendance/Punctuality Procedures, Observation Checks, Professionalism and Cleanliness policies for therapists at The Wellness Center.


  1. Have a walkie talkie on self or within arms reach away at all times

  2. Therapist/client distance = one arms length away at all times (unless when working on a therapeutic goal requiring longer distance)

  3. Body Positioning of therapist to be proactive in preventing injury or escape of client through doors

  4. Clearing materials off the floor or in work spaces (kitchen, therapy rooms, etc) throughout the therapy sessions

  5. When not engaged directly in a therapy session with a client, remove yourself from the work areas to prevent distraction to working therapists

    OR Volunteer to assist with social/behavioral sessions or conduct additional cleaning to assist other therapists

  6. If therapist taking client for next session is late, bring the client out to the waiting area with parents to remain until assigned therapist arrives so that you are focused on your current client

  7. When in doubt, help out!




  1. Every activity during the session must align with client goals and be functional

  2. Every session must be data driven and be recorded accurately on SOAP notes

  3. If client requires a short break, the therapist is NOT on a break.  Make that client’s break functional and therapeutic by engaging in social language with them, moving them to a higher level of play therapy, etc. 

  4. Breaks are short bursts of motivating activity to allow client to re-engage fully upon returning to a structured task.  Provide breaks only as needed, while attempting to slowly build up the client’s ability to sustain longer attention and focus over time to structured tasks




  1. Arrive at least 10 minutes prior to the start of your first scheduled session

  2. If running late, please call the front desk immediately and give them a time estimate of your arrival   623-986-5110

  3. Complete an Absence Request Form as soon as you are aware that you need time off to allow time for your sessions to be Covered or Rescheduled




  1. Be sure your work attire is comfortable yet professionally acceptable to working with clients of all age ranges

  2. Be sure to appear groomed but do not wear heavy colognes or perfumes that may be sensory triggers to many clients

  3. Make sure to use antibacterial soaps, gels and appropriate cleansers when washing your hands frequently and when wiping down work area (work tables, door knobs, etc)

  4. Clean up all materials from floor and work space following each activity conducted with client, specifically in the Brainasium and kitchen

  5. Make sure materials and equipment are not blocking a clear path to all doorways

  6. Follow all HIPAA regulations

  7.  Keep all verbal interactions with parents/clients (regardless of the severity of their disability) professional.  Do not engage in gossip of any kind related to other staff, clients or parents while on Wellness Center property

  8. The use of cell phones/tablets/laptops/devices for activities not directly related to client goals, data collection, reporting or obtaining parent signatures is not permitted.  Be cognizant of the amount of time a client spends on a device for a specific activity and restructure therapy sessions to incorporate a multi-modality approach to meeting functional goals

  9. Follow all guidelines for your discipline specific licensure held in the state of AZ. 

  10. Bring enthusiasm to your sessions, whether it is the first client of your day or your last.  Each client deserves the best therapeutic care we can offer!



  1. Supervisors and Admin will be conducting frequent, random observational checks to ensure that all Safety and Professional Procedures are being adhered to by all employees

  2. Supervisors will speak to you individually should they feel that a procedure was not adhered to during a session

  3. Supervisors/Admin will call you in for a Written Disciplinary Action should repeated verbal warnings fall under the same policy area, to which a plan for improvement will be determined