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Professional Development

Professional Development Services

PBIS Arizona offers a comprehensive training program in Positive Behavior Intervention and Support. Schools receive specialized training tailored to their specific needs in successfully handling and preventing problematic behaviors. PBIS Arizona promotes effective practices that will benefit students, staff and faculty working together in creating a safe and positive atmosphere campus wide.

Key components of PBIS include:

  • Prevention-based school-wide systems of positive behavior support

  • Data-based decision-making for instruction of behavior and academics

  • Comprehensive planning for students with complex needs and their families

  • Interventions for Universal, Supplemental and Targeted Levels in the classroom and school-wide.

PBIS Arizona offers trainings, seminars, and workshops designed to help your school achieve a safe and productive learning environment. School-wide PBIS is a proven framework that has the following outcomes:

  • Increased safety and improved school climate

  • Increased student, teacher, and parent satisfaction with school performance

  • Decreased office discipline referrals and suspensions

Training Packages Include:

  • Quarterly School-wide Positive Behavior Intervention (PBIS) training workshops.

  • Assessment of school needs used to tailor the training to district/school specific issues.

  • Trainings can occur onsite or at the Eleutheria Wellness Center in Goodyear, AZ.

  • Training materials/handouts for pre-registered individuals.

  • Coaching support provided at monthly school team meeting.

  • Technical assistance support for each school.

  • Data Systems Support

  • Personalized web domain & professional learning communities for each school to report quarterly growth and celebrate SW-PBIS success.

  • Two site visits to collect implementation data at the start and completion of an academic year.

Packages are available for school based teams, district teams and train the trainer models.

 Contact us for pricing:  Info@PBISArizona.com

Workshops & Trainings

Positive Behavior Intervention & Supports (PBIS)

  • Response to Intervention (RTI)
  • Crisis Management
  • Behavior De-escalation
  • Accountability Systems
  • Finding the function of behavior
  • Behavior Intervention Planning
  • Developing a reinforcement system
  • Controlling chaos and working with challenging behaviors
  • Improving behavior through sensory interventions
  • Effective strategies for working with students with Autism
  • Effective strategies for working with students with Emotional Disabilities
  • Effective strategies for working with students with Learning Disabilities
  • Effective strategies for working with students with ADD/ADHD
  • Intro to Augmentative Communication & Assistive Technologies
  • Strategies to teach and improve social skills
  • Data Driven Decision Making
  • Classroom Management Essentials
  • Introduction to Applied Behavior Analysis & behavior management techniques
  • Behavior Management and Interventions
  • Using a behavior screener to systematically identify high-risk students
  • Behavior tracking tools for monitoring academic and behavior progress
  • Special Education Laws
  • Yoga interventions for students with special needs
  • What is and how to do differentiated instruction
  • Teaching to learning styles
  • Introduction to Equine Therapy
  • Check – In / Check – Out systems
  • Working effectively with parents
  • Effective strategies for working with gifted students
  • IDEA Essentials – Intro to IEP’s
  • IEP Compliance Essentials
  • How to motivate difficult, disruptive disinterested, and defiant students
  • How to handle the hard-to-handle students


Contact us for additional pricing information, training availability and scope of trainings and workshops. Trainings are conducted on school sites or at the The Wellness Center in Goodyear, AZ.  

Workshops are designed for all educators and range from 1 hour to full day trainings. Workshop series are available upon request. Contact us for more information: info@PBISArizona.com

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